What You Need To Know When Hiring A Wedding Videographer

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Wedding photography is still popular, but more young couples want to have a video record of their event that they can go back and watch later. Because the bride and groom miss a lot of what is happening during their ceremony, finding a wedding videography service to capture and edit this special day can be essential. 

Videography Coverage

When looking for wedding videography, many people start shopping for services based on price. While budgets can affect the final choice of services, you should start by looking at the coverage the videographer offers for your wedding. 

An inexpensive videography service may only have one or two cameras at your event, and if the videos that produce appeal to you, that can be fine. However, if you feel the sample videos are lacking, you may want to look for a different service to capture your wedding and create the video for you. 

A good wedding videography company will have several cameras and operators at the wedding. Most offer packages that can include before-the-ceremony coverage, reception coverage, and, if you want it, honeymoon coverage for your video. Start with the amount of coverage you want, then look at the cost of the entire package — this will help you determine what is best on your wedding day and what you need to budget for. 

Final Video

Before hiring any wedding videography service, spend some time looking at sample videos from the services in your area. The final edited video of your wedding is made with captures throughout the day, and each part of the event can have vital segments that you want to include.

You can talk to the videographer about those portions of the event so they will be sure to include them, but a great videographer should also include things that you will not know happened and are essential to telling your wedding story. For many couples, watching the completed wedding video will be the first time they see something that everyone else saw when it happened, so it is critical that those moments are in the final cut. 

Wedding videography services will often have a specific style to the videos they produce and can also play a role in your decision. If you see something you like with the content and style you want to ensure is in your video, sit down with the videographer and discuss your event with them.

The price, the coverage time, and the editing are all critical to the package, and researching the possibilities will ensure you have a wedding video that you can watch later and enjoy showing to friends and family or watching with your new partner to relive your special day.