Three Common Attire Options For Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

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If you've decided to book a boudoir photoshoot at a local studio, it can be fun to think about how you want to look in these images. One simple way to get inspiration is to browse your photographer's website. They may have a number of different boudoir photos — perhaps blurring or otherwise hiding the clients' faces for privacy reasons — that can give you some ideas. One particular topic to consider is what attire you wish to wear for the photoshoot. Several different options can be appropriate, including the following.


Perhaps the most common attire option for a boudoir photoshoot is lingerie. These garments can reveal your body in a sexy and seductive way. While you might already own one or more certain lingerie outfits that you want to wear for the photoshoot, you might alternatively decide to shop for a new outfit that you want to wear for this special occasion. Wardrobe changes are common during boudoir photoshoots, so don't be afraid to take a few lingerie outfits with you with a plan to wear each of them for a few shots.


Another attire option for your upcoming boudoir photoshoot is to wear clothing — albeit to do so in a sexy and revealing way. There are all sorts of options to consider. For example, you might wear a blouse with no bra beneath it, and have the blouse unbuttoned to reveal some of your torso. You might also favor wearing a short skirt — perhaps choosing a garment that is shorter than you'd wear during everyday life, but that can be perfect for this type of shoot. Many choose to wear clothing if they feel shy to reveal too much of their body, so a clothing outfit can help you to feel comfortable during your shoot.


Many enjoy posing for boudoir photos in a sheet. In this scenario, it's common to be partially nude, although you can certainly wear your lingerie if you prefer. Your photographer will help you position a sheet, often made from a glamorous material such as silk, over or around your body in a seductive way. For example, you might pose with the sheet positioned as though it's fallen off your shoulder, revealing your bare shoulder and upper back. Consider each of these attire options in advance of your boudoir photoshoot and be ready to discuss your preferences with your photographer.

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