What You Need To Know When Getting Professional Headshots

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Professional headshots are often created for people that want an image for their business card, social media profile, or to use in marketing their business. However, it is essential to understand that not all business headshots are the same, and finding the right photographer for the headshot style you want is crucial. 

Headshots For Professionals

Many professional real estate agents, lawyers, or people in service industries use professional headshots to market their services and promote themselves or their business. These headshots are often taken wearing professional attire and are intended to present a specific appearance. 

Often the photographer taking these headshots will offer a few poses and a few backgrounds for one package price. The idea is to give you a few images that are varied slightly so you can use them in different ways to promote yourself online or in print.

Typically, the photo sessions are held at the photographer studio, and you will need to book a time to come and sit for the photographer. Alternatively, some photographers will come to your office and offer mini sessions where you and your coworkers can have their headshots done at the same time. Combining multiple sessions can save some time, and often the cost of each session is lower because you are all sharing the cost of the onsite photo sessions. 

Relaxed Headshots

While still very professional in the way that they are handled, professional headshots for people that work in industries that are less formal can be very relaxed. These sessions may have several outfit changes, and the lighting may be moody and stylized. 

Often people seeking these kinds of headshot sessions are models, actors, and people looking for more glamour than professional appearance in their headshots. If these are the style headshots you want, you may need to spend some time looking at photographers' portfolios to find one that offers suitable options.

These relaxed sessions can be studio sessions or held outdoors and may use some local backdrop to show the area or something that has some special meaning to the person getting the headshots. Typically professional headshots only include the face and head from the shoulders up, but some photographers will create images that involve more of the upper body in the picture. 

If you are looking for more than that in the picture, you need a portrait session. Many photographers offer both professional headshots and portraits, so you may be able to book a session that includes both types of photographs simultaneously. To learn more, contact a company like Stuart Beeby Photography.