How To Develop A Great Set Of Custom-Designed Photography Backdrops

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For most photography studios, backdrops are critical to providing options to their customers. If you want to up your game, consider purchasing custom-designed photography backdrops. What should you look for when you make this investment, though?


Whether you want to buy a bunch of backdrops at once or a couple here and there, you need to build a set. That set should provide numerous and diverse options so customers can pick and choose. A diverse set will also allow you to select backdrops to create contrast or establish a scene. It will prevent repetition, too, and ultimately make your portfolio more diverse.

Similarly, a diverse set should cover several tones. This will help if you're having trouble integrating a subject's skin, hair, or outfit into a shot. With more options, you'll improve your chance of a good match in case someone comes in wearing something, like a bright-colored outfit, that may clash with certain backdrops.


A good set of backdrops should cover several themes. You might have a few of the cloud-like abstract ones that most shooters use for portraiture. However, you can add darker or lighter versions to provide more range. Likewise, you can develop themes based on settings and styles. You could have a few cityscapes and a couple of country landscapes, for example.

Local Flavor

One advantage of using custom-designed photography backdrops is they can allow you to provide local scenery. For example, your locality might have a place that is popular while also being a hard spot for shooting good photos. It might simply be too busy to get a shot without tons of other people in the background. If you have a staged backdrop available on demand, you can offer sessions that capture those landmarks without all of the hassles.

Famous Locations

While it might feel a bit cliche to have a backdrop of Paris with the Eiffel Tower visible, it can be a lot of fun for customers. You can then use these backdrops to replicate locations or just to make sessions a bit more fun.

Suitability for Your Studio

If you're paying for custom-designed photography backdrops, you don't want scenes that create perspective issues with the images. Take measurements of your shooting space and how far you prefer to shoot from subjects.

Let the folks making the backdrops know what you're trying to achieve so they can tailor the solution to your requirements. If you need something portable, for example, they can build smaller and lighter backdrops.