3 Ways To Connect With Customers Through A Corporate Event Photo Booth

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When you attend conferences or host events, you want to attract people to your booth, stand, or display. One way to do this is with a corporate event photo booth. When you rent a photo booth, you want to do more than just offer the pictures. A photo booth can offer direct connections to your business and help increase your branding.

Check out some ways to connect directly with customers and take full advantage of a corporate event photo booth rental to help your business.

1. Photo Branding

When you first set up a photo booth rental, you get to select what the border of the photo looks like. You can apply your business brand colors to the edges along with contact information. Your logo can appear right on the photo. You could also take things one step further and provide a QR code that gives easy access to websites or online media like a promotional video.

You could also add branding directly to the photo itself. Set up a backdrop with your company logo or a patterned background with smaller versions of the company logo. The background will appear in every printed photo and help spread your brand name to various audiences.

2. Digital Photo Sending

Along with printed photos, customers who visit your photo booth have the option to select digital photos. Digital photos are sent directly to the person's email. Through the sign-up process, you can give people the option to sign up for an email newsletter. The newsletter offers a direct connection to consumers and allows you to spread information about your company.

The digital photo process may also include customer information like their age and gender. You could gain a lot of insight about who visited your website and the customers your business is attracting.

3. Customer Surveys

When someone visits your photo booth, the sign-up for prints and digital photos can also include a brief survey. Take advantage of the questions to ask about information. The survey questions can focus on age, specific product promotions, or services you offer.

At the end of the event, you can manually go through surveys or software can compile results. The information will help you plan out future events and know exactly what to look for as you plan out your company's products and services.

In the end, potential customers will have a fun photo to enjoy and look back on. Consider the use of a photo booth for all of your future events.

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