Tips For Using Drone Photography For Real Estate Listings

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For a real estate agent who specializes in selling larger homes and land, it can be difficult to showcase the home completely through pictures and video. The space is too vast to be photographed well in one shot, and the entirety of land property can't be captured on the ground. This is where real estate aerial photography comes in handy. When using a drone, you can capture the essence of the home or piece of land from the air.

Here are some tips for using drone photography for real estate listings.

Stage The Outside Of The Home Or Land

You know you should stage the inside of the home for any pictures that will be taken for the listing, but the outside of the home should be staged too. This means, picking up any children's toys lying around on the lawn and putting them away. Parking the car in the garage instead of on the driveway. The lawn should be freshly cut and the gardens tended so they look neat and managed.

The same is true for pieces of land with no buildings on it. Any construction equipment or other work equipment should be gone before you take any photos using real estate aerial photography.

The point is to make the home or the land the main focus of the photos. You don't want any distracting items like toys or cars to take the attention away from the home or land.

Make Sure Your Settings Are Correct

Just like with a regular camera you need to adjust the settings to get the highest quality photos even when doing real estate aerial photography. The drone's camera will have multiple settings for use in different scenarios. You will have the option of an action-style camera that can take images in high-speed with no blurring, or you can use slow-motion for dramatic shots.

Adjust your camera settings before you fly the drone over the home or piece of land to take your pictures. It's a good idea to set the camera in an aspect ratio that will get you the best images possible. When you do that, you will have to do less editing later, and you will have better pictures to work with.

Use Different Flight Settings

Before you take your drone for use with real estate aerial photography, practice using it's flight modes. Most drones have intelligent flight modes that you can change depending on what you are going for in your shots. For example, you can use the tripod mode, which will give you a steady shot of the home or land you are shooting as the drone will hover in place like it was on a tripod.

You can also fly the drone in slow mode around the property to get the best angles and really get the details of the home. If you fly too fast, important details can be missed.

Also when flying the drone, keep it low. When you fly too high over a home, the focus becomes the roof of the home instead of the overall building.