The Benefits Of A First-Look Photo Session

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One of the newest traditions to come from weddings is a first-look photo session. A wedding photographer sets up a session shortly before the wedding ceremony where the bride and groom meet up with each other fully dressed and ready for the altar. they see each other for the first time instead of when the bride walks down the aisle.

The tradition comes with many benefits, especially with the photography you end up with of your wedding day. Check out the benefits and how to implement the first-look session into your wedding plans.

Looking Your Best

A first-look offers an opportunity to capture photos right after the bride and groom have been fully done up and are ready to go. Traditionally, a bride and groom photo session takes place after the ceremony where sweat, tears, and excessive moments could cause major changes to the look.

At the first-look session, you eliminate the outside factors and a wedding photographer will capture gorgeous pictures of the couple without changes or touch-ups needed.

Quiet Intimate Moments

After a wedding ceremony, the traditional pictures also include family members and group photos. With a first-look session, the main focus is on the bride and groom. Before the whole wedding begins, the couple gets to enjoy the quiet moments together and see each other for the first time without a large crowd or gathering.

The moments allow both people to reflect on their wedding day and create a memorable experience captured by the photographer. The process also includes the moment where both partners turn around and greet each other for the first time. A photographer will capture the experience and give you photos to look back on and cherish.

Controlling Light

When photo shoots take place after a ceremony, a photographer loses a little control over the light and scenery. For example, a ceremony may go on longer than expected and a photographer could lose out on some of the nice light provided by a sunset.

With a first-look session, a photographer can select the best time for lighting and scenery. There is no rush and the couple can truly enjoy the moment as they pose together and spend time together. You may even have time to go to different locations near the ceremony and capture extra pictures.

Reception Slideshows

Thanks to digital technology, the photos captured at a first-look session can be displayed instantly during a wedding reception. A photographer may set up a slideshow to showcase the images through a projector or digital screen. Everyone at the wedding can enjoy seeing the couple's true first look and the romantic photos that came from the session.

Consider adding a first-look session to your wedding day and coordinate with a professional photographer to set everything up.