Getting Married At A Courthouse? 3 Tips For Using A Wedding Photographer

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If you know that you are going to get married in the near future, you may start to look at photographer portfolios to learn about what to expect and to find professionals that you like. In most situations, you will find that most or all the ceremony photos happen at a typical venue.

When you are planning to get married in a courthouse, you should still feel confident about hiring a wedding photographer because you can use their services in numerous ways.


Even though your wedding ceremony may be taking place inside a courthouse, you can still get incredible photos from the whole experience. Instead of a photographer taking photos of the whole ceremony setup, they can take photos of you and your significant other spending time inside and outside the courthouse in the most aesthetic areas leading up to the ceremony.

The ceremony itself will still be able to produce photos that are worth putting in a photo collection because this is when you will say your vows and tie the knot officially. Also, if you invite family and friends, you can rely on a professional photographing them at the ceremony.


If you do not plan for your wedding day to end at the ceremony, you may be making plans to have a reception somewhere. This can happen at a reception venue where other weddings happen, or you may be satisfied with reserving a private area in a restaurant for the reception.

When you are determined for the reception photos to look amazing, you may want to go through the normal steps of getting flowers, decorations, favors, and a custom wedding cake. You can even get a professional to show up early to photograph the reception setup before guests arrive.

Local Photos

Since your ceremony and reception may not take as long as a typical wedding, you may want to use this opportunity to take local photos in your wedding attire. This is when you can work with a photographer to visit a few of your favorite local spots before or after the wedding. Being able to capture photos in these areas while all dressed up can lead to extremely memorable photos.

When you make more plans than just getting married at the courthouse, you can look forward to hiring a wedding photographer and using their services to end up with a complete wedding photo collection.

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