How Can Commercial Photography Help Your Business During Social Distancing?

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Social distancing has put a strain on the daily lives of millions of people, but few people are feeling the impact as much as small business owners. Trying to maintain and grow a small business during this time is extremely challenging. In order to thrive, you will need to make some adjustments to the way you do business. A commercial photographer can help. Here are four ways commercial photography can bolster your business.

1. Get your products on the web.

Web-based sales are an additional stream of revenue which is helpful to have at any time. However, an online store is even more important while everyone is practicing social distancing. While people can't simply walk into a store to browse for new items, many are turning to online shopping. Good photos are the first step in making your products accessible to customers. High-quality pictures will allow customers to browse your wares even when they can't see them in person. A commercial photographer will make sure to take pictures of your products from all angles, so your customers can have as much visual information as possible.

2. Make a trustworthy and professional first impression.

The human element is important in business. Customers want to know who they're buying from. Many online stores have an "about" page where customers can learn about the business and its owners. A commercial photographer can take headshots of you and the rest of your team, which you can then post on your website along with a short description of yourself and your business philosophy. Professional portraits will help you appear trustworthy and professional.

3. Connect with your customers in a more personal way.

Professional headshots are a great way to introduce yourself to your customers, but the connection doesn't have to stop there. Many businesses use social media to keep themselves fresh in customers' minds. This is very effective since most customers spend time on social media websites already. A commercial photographer can take pictures of you interacting with your products. If your products are handmade, they can photograph the creation process. Candid, professional photos are excellent for humanizing business owners. Posting these photos on social media sites can help you connect with customers and build your brand.

4. Advertise in print and online media.

Commercial photography can also be used to create advertisements. Advertising online, in newspapers, and in magazines can generate consumer interest in your products. Well-designed advertisements with colorful, eye-catching pictures are more effective than haphazard alternatives.