4 Tips For Photographing a Great Headshot

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Do you need a headshot taken, but not sure what it takes to make it look great? If so, it helps to follow these photography tips.

Use A Background That Contrasts

No matter where you have your headshot taken, you want to use a background that is going to contrast and make you pop, rather than blend in with the background. Consider everything about how you look, which includes your clothing, hair, and skin tone. If you have dark hair, wear darker clothing and use a light-colored background. If not, you'll end up with a headshot that looks like it is all the same color. 

If you are able to take your headshot outside, using a longer focal length to blur your background can bring in that light color so that you stand out. It will also help ensure that the background is not too distracting. 

Don't Overdo Your Makeup

Now is not the time to experiment with new makeup techniques or to make yourself look especially glamorous. If you are using your headshots for modeling or acting purposes, you want your makeup to look like how you naturally wear it every single day. Even though makeup is easy to change, you do not want to show up to an audition looking completely different than what your headshot portrays.

Try A Natural Smile Technique

One thing that makes a headshot look horrible is having a smile that seems forced. It can help to try some techniques to help give you a more natural smile. Look down and close your eyes, and think of a happy moment that makes you smile. Then lift up your head and open your eyes while smiling. You'll find that your smile when trying this technique is going to look very natural and really make your headshot look great.

Consider Your Glasses

If you switch between glasses and contacts, you may be wondering if you should ditch your glasses for your photos. Much like with your makeup, it is better to wear glasses if you are more frequently seen with glasses. Your photographer will be able to ensure that you do not have weird reflections in your lenses. Just make sure that you have a lint-free cloth on hand to give them a good cleaning before your photos. You don't want to have weird specs in your glasses that are very hard to remove after the fact.