What To Look For In A Wedding Photography Package

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Are you looking for a photographer to capture all of those special moments for your wedding? If so, you're likely comparing packages to find out which one will be best for you. Here are some things to consider when selecting a package.


Find out how many different locations the photographer will go to on your wedding day. A basic package may only include the location for the ceremony and reception. However, you may want the photographer to be at the bride and groom's house before the ceremony to capture them getting ready. This may require a second photographer to be at two places at once, unless you schedule when each person will get ready so that a single photographer can attend both.

You may also want to stop at an additional location after the ceremony to take some photos of the two of you right after you are married. This will count as another location and require more planning. 

Photo Albums

It's important to know how many photo albums you will get as part of your photography package. Some couples want an additional photo album for both sets of parents, requiring a minimum of three photo albums to do so. Others simply want a backup photo album, in case something were to happen to their main one over the years. 

There may even be options for how large of a photo album you will have. Find out if there is a cost difference between having a photo album that is 50 pages or 100 pages, since it will require more work to do the photo layouts for those additional pages.

Digital Photos

All photographers handle the digital photos differently, so you'll want to understand how it works in order to receive them. Some photographers will supply lower quality digital photos that they can then post online, while others will supply the high quality photos that can be used for making prints. Expect to pay more to have access to those high quality digital photos, since many photographers make money off of making prints. By giving you access to all the photos to make your own prints, they need to make up for that loss of income by charging for the raw photos. 

Have more questions about your wedding photography package? Make sure to ask your photographer when making a decision about what what wedding photo packages you want for your wedding day.