Thinking Of Having A Friend Take Your Wedding Photos? Read These 3 Reasons To Hire A Pro Instead

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When you're planning a wedding, it's not a bad idea to look for areas where you can save money. Weddings can be quite expensive, so any savings that you can find are welcome. With the increasing availability of inexpensive digital cameras that can take high-quality digital photographs, it's tempting to purchase one and let a friend take your wedding photos instead of hiring a professional.

Unfortunately, that's not always the best choice. Even if your friend is a budding photographer, it's almost always better to hire a professional for your wedding photography. To see three reasons why, read on.

1. You Have a Chance to View Their Portfolio

All professional wedding photographers will be happy to show you a portfolio of the previous work that they have done. Wedding photographers have different strengths — some are excellent at quickly taking casual action shots to capture perfect moments, whereas others are great at perfectly staging shots.

When you have a portfolio available to view beforehand, you're able to select a photographer whose style reflects what you'd like to see in your wedding album. You'll have a good idea of what to expect from the end result.

Having a friend take photographs of your wedding may be a less expensive option, but you won't have any way of knowing how their photographs will turn out. While there's always the chance that your friend may do a perfect job, it's safer to go with a professional wedding photographer who can prove their skills and experience with a portfolio.

2. Wedding Photographers Focus on the Job

You may have asked a friend to take wedding pictures, but you need to have the realistic expectation that they're at the wedding to enjoy themselves too. After all, there are other friends and family there that they want to talk to, and they want to enjoy your big day just as much as the rest of your wedding guests.

Unfortunately, this can lead to situations where your friend will miss perfect shots or fail to take shots according to the schedule you've set out. When you hire a professional wedding photographer, they're there to do their jobs — their full focus will be on you and ensuring that your wedding photos turn out perfect. You don't have to worry about missing shots, whether they're scheduled or spontaneous.

3. Your Pictures Last Beyond Your Wedding

Planning for a wedding is a complex affair, and there are numerous components that need to come together in order to make your big day perfect. Flowers, catering, entertainment, and other factors all help your wedding be memorable.

However, the only aspect of wedding planning that continues to have effects after your wedding is the photography. You've only got one chance to take the perfect set of wedding photos. The DJ you hire will be gone forever once the wedding guests have left, but your photos will be with you for the rest of your life. Hiring a professional wedding photographer gives you the best chance of creating a memorable wedding album that you'll love to revisit in the future.

As you can see, hiring a wedding photographer for your wedding is definitely the right choice. Having a friend shoot your wedding photography is a less expensive avenue, but you're not guaranteed the results that you want. When you're planning your wedding, search for several wedding photographers in your area and ask to see their portfolios — this will give you the best chance of finding the one that will create a wedding album that you will love.