Ways To Use Custom-Designed Photography Backdrops

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Custom-designed photography backdrops are highly versatile, and their versatility doesn't lie just in the many custom design options that are available. There are many ways to use custom-designed photography backdrops.

Create a Unique Background for School or Wedding Photos

Photographers commonly use custom-designed photography backdrops to create unique backgrounds for the portraits that the photographers shoot. With a custom backdrop, people can look like they're in almost any place on earth or in a fantasy world. Moreover, these backdrops help photographers increase their business.

School photographers often use custom-designed photography backdrops to upsell parents and students. The photographers frequently offer a base package that comes with a fairly plain background and a slightly more expensive package that has a highly detailed background. 

Even detailed backgrounds have only small markups of a few additional dollars, a nominal extra fee generates a substantial revenue boost when it's multiplied across many students in a school. 

For example, assume a school has 500 students and 20 percent of them spring for a background upsell on their student photos. Although each student might only pay an additional $5 for the upsell, there'd be 100 students getting this add-on — for an additional revenue of $500 from the background. Moreover, that's additional revenue from just one school.

Wedding photographers don't usually charge an upsell fee to use a special background, but they instead incorporate the cost of a custom-designed photography backdrop into their package price if they're going to use such a backdrop. Offering a custom background can help give wedding photographers a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

Promote Brand at Press Conferences

Custom-designed photography backdrops are widely used by companies and non-profit organizations that give press conferences. A backdrop is used as the background behind whoever is speaking at a press conference.

The goal of this use is to promote a company's or non-profit's brand, and that's done by including logos on the backdrop. Anyone who's taking photos or a video of a press conference will get the backdrop — and the branding logo on it — in their shots. To make sure cameras don't miss the logo, the logo is usually repeated across the entire backdrop.

Cover Up an Unsightly Item at an Event

When hosting an event, such as a wedding or party, hosts can use a custom-designed photography backdrop to cover up an unsightly object. Since backdrops can be designed any number of ways, and they can be made to fit any event decor.

Look for someone who provides custom-designed photography backdrops to learn more.